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A Drive to Thrive ~ Motivation Begins With You!

Following a few simple guidelines, you can learn how to get motivated, stay motivated and make progress toward achieving your goal.

Are You Paying Too Much? Negotiate!

Negotiating Tips: Here are some skills you can practice and basic tactics you can take advantage of to get the lowest price when negotiating.

Best Cities to Buy a Home

Houston, we don't have a housing problem. The city's $152,500 median home sale price is up 6.6% from 2005. It boasts a low vacancy rate and an oil-rich economy. Throw in a bubbling entrepreneurial tech scene, and you've got four factors that put Houston on the top of our list of best places to buy a home.

Budget Vacations

The good thing about a 'slow' economy is that many vacation properties, car rental companies and travel websites are offering increddibly good deals. Use the vacation planning tips to save a few extra bucks and you might be surprised by how much vacation you can get on almost any budget.

Cut Your Property Tax

Assessors do not set property tax rates; these are determined by local elected officials. If you would like to see lower property tax rates, contact your local governing authority.

Design on a Nickel and a Dime

Giving your home a fresh new look doesn't’t mean you have to tear down walls and start from scratch. If you’re on a budget, you can transform a space inexpensively and add value.

Ease Holiday Stress ~ Spend Wisely

Holiday spending tips, planning ahead for gift shopping, what to do if your purse or wallet is stolen including 5 important steps to take

Get Yourself Headed in the Right Direction - Plan Now

Writing a will ensures your family is taken care of after your passing. Without it, the state ultimately decides how your assets will be distributed. You will prevent uncertainty by having an estate plan, and a basic will is the first step in implementing an estate plan.

Grillin' Up Sizzlin' Summer Fun

A recession can put a real squeeze on your budget. An easy way to save is to reduce your restaurant visits. But don't get the 'dining out' blues; instead, dine outdoors and set yourself up for some sizzling summer fun. Outdoor cooking is one of the most popular and enjoyable activities. It's the perfect budget-friendly way to make any meal a special occasion because nothing beats the combination of warm weather, good company and something out off the grill.

Home Security

The most common threat to your home is burglary. According to the FBI, a house, apartment or condominium is burglarized once every 15 seconds. There were more than 2 million burglaries last year; victim losses averaged more than $2,000 each, and only 8 percent of thieves were caught. Fortunately, burglars will often move on if they see you have taken preemptive measures.

How Long is Your Paper Trail?

Managing paperwork, using paper shredding and keeping your documents safe.

Is Your Mortgage Best For You?

The lending industry has changed a great deal recently. Depending on when you purchased or last refinanced your home, better mortgage options may be available to you. Lenders are now working with new parameters that allow them to make loans that are more beneficial to homeowners.

It Takes Less Energy to Save Big Money!

You can save money by changing your energy habits.Here are some tips to revise your energy habits that can pay big dividends, month after month.

It's a Sweet Time to Get a Mortgage 2015

If you’ve been thinking of buying a home this year, now is the time to get pre-approved for a mortgage. While experts predict that interest rates may increase by midyear, homes will still remain a"ordable. What are you waiting for? Here are a few sweet morsels of information about the national mortgage market.

Keep Watch on Your Credit Report -- Free

If you're thinking about buying a home or refinancing a mortgage, you may want to avail yourself of a forthcoming free service that could help you get a better mortgage rate.

Market Trends 2008-09

Information about various aspects of the mortgage industry during 2008and 2009 including articles from the Houston Chronicle, Wall Street Journal and Wikipedia.

Maintain Your Home's Appliances

According to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, Americans spend $15 billion on home appliances per year. That is equal to the GDP of 54 countries according to the International Monetary Fund. With a little maintenance and some elbow grease, you can keep your appliances running longer and more efficiently.

Mortgage Scams

As the real estate market has suffered its woes over the past few years, the perpetration of mortgage fraud has skyrocketed. In addition, stock market losses, high unemployment, the rise in foreclosures and
contracting financial markets have all contributed to the recent influx. Mortgage fraud has already cost the mortgage industry billions of dollars.

Opportunity ~ The Real Estate Market

The recent normalization of the real estate market has created a strong buyer's market, particularly for first time buyers and real estate investors who don't have to wait for their home to sell before taking advantage of lower prices and increased choices.

Prepare for a Natural Disaster

Where you live determines how you should prepare for a natural disaster. Each region faces its own unique set of challenges. Read this for disaster preparedness information for all regions of the U.S.

Resurface Your Way to a New Look!!

There are several levels of resurfacing that will fit any budget from flooring, walls, sinks, tubs and cabinets.

Save Green by Going Green

You don’t need to build a home from the ground up to reap the benefits of an environmentally friendly home. Check out these ways to be green and save some green.

Stolen Identity? What To Do & How To Protect Yours

You go out of your way to safeguard your home, your business, even your car stereo.
However, what if it's your identity that thieves are really after? In this increasingly
digitized world—where personal information is just the click of a mouse away—identity
theft is becoming more common and more expensive.

Take Charge of Your Finances in 2015

The New Year often prompts many people to take charge of their !nances, reduce debt and save more of what they earn. If you’re one of these fiscally-focused people, here are some tips to help you get started.


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